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harmonies and structures
Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 1903
Music composed by Burkhard Schlothauer

NINE - for John Cage (2010)
Bass Clarinet, French Horn, (Bass)-Trombone, Perc., Perc./Inside Piano, Viola, Cello, Doublebass, E-Bow Guitar
Zeitkratzer Ensemble - Commission of Zagreb Music Biennale 

yo tampoco lo entiendo (2019) 
burkhard schlothauer (viola, sine-waves) 
Music for BewegteBauhausBilder Theater Gera Altenburg

structures indépendantes (2007)
2 Flutes, 2 Violas, Clarinet, Lithophone
wandelweiser ensemble - Commission of KlangZeit-Festival Münster 2008

Release 2019   

acoustic phenomena / hymnic sounds
works of james tenney and burkhard schlothauer
Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 2001

Burkhard Schlothauer, musical leader
2 slide trumpets, 2 french horn, 4 trombones, 2 tubas, 2 alto clarinet, 4 violins, 2 double basses, organ samples

tenney: harmonium #2 - for lou harrison (1976)

tenney: critical band für any 16 or more sustaining instruments (1988/2000)

schlothauer: accidental microtonal sounds - together (2019)

(...) Members of Zeitkratzer and Zinc + Copper plus local musicians formed the ensemble to bring more avant-garde performance to the German city, and they do so here with a unique expertise. (...) As extensions of Tenney’s climactic swell pieces and with their sustained instrumentation, these works at least succeed as exciting drone music. Of course, there’s more going on beneath the surface. (...)
Keith Prosk

(...) Een ander aspect dat kenmerkend is voor de muziek van deze man is de grote mate van subtiliteit. Een aspect dat met name opvalt in de grote rijkdom aan muzikale kleuren en nuances in ‘Critical Band for Any 16 or More Sustaining Insturments’. (...)

(...) Schlothauer et son ensemble réalisent ces deux pièces avec une précision et une finesse flagrante. On peut ressentir les heures de préparation et de plongée dans ces partitions. Chaque instrumentiste semble connaître et maîtriser chaque recoin microtonal et chaque battement de fréquence, et surtout chaque musicien semble prendre du plaisir à s’immerger dans ces pièces, à les partager et à nous y inviter. Et effectivement c’est un plaisir de voyager dans ces sortes de nuages où les consonances douces flirtent avec des dissonances légèrement tendues, où le flot harmonique nous entraîne dans un bain de notes rayonnantes et lumineuses. (...)

Released 2020  

more chamber events
Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 1701/02 (Double CD)
Music composed by Burkhard Schlothauer

events in five parts
Antoine Beuger, Flute, Christop Nicolaus, Stoneharp, Burkhard Schlothauer, Trumpet and Drum  

events # 2 flute and stoneharp (lithophone)
Antoine Beuger, Flute, Christop Nicolaus, Litophone

Release March 2019   

Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 0502
Music composed by Burkhard Schlothauer

Events#5 (3 Bassklarinetten, 2 Klaviere)
Jürg Frey, Bassklarinette ( 1, 2, 3), Jong-ah Yoon, Klavier (1, 2)

55 similar sounds + two drummers drumming für Trompete, Tuba, T-Sax, Violine, Cello, Bass, Akkordeon, 2 Tom-Toms - Zeitkratzer Ensemble 

organic microtonal polyphonia
Antoine Beuger (Fl.), Burkhard Schlothauer (Clar.), Craig Shepard (Trb.)

(…) As always, EWR’s recording quality is unsurpassed: Wandelweiser’s quiet glows warm and buttery. When sounds do arrive, they are full-bodied, their details and contours laid bare. (…)

Released 2005  

Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 0501
Music composed by Burkhard Schlothauer

abregistrieren - Eva-Maria Houben, Orgel

Non-Trivial Simplicity.
(…) Enjoy abregistrieren at high volume to savor the thunder of an organ that sometimes sounds like a vacuum cleaner, a car rattling across a metal bridge, or a dishwasher’s rinse cycle. The stops cavort until, choked into submission, only the bellows’ breath remains (…).”

Released 2005

Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 0105
Music composed by Burkhard Schlothauer

ab tasten, Jong-ah Yoon, Klavier

threepianosdrumming, piano insideout (R.Friedl, M.Iber, Y.Lee, Klaviere)

Burkhard Schlothauer ziseliert Klavierklänge und Korpusgeräusche zu magischer Intensität.“ NMZ 6/02
“(…) The varied
damping and inside-the-piano techniques create chords that are calming, sculptural, and very enjoyable. It really does deserve a good listen. Abtasten could be called minimal, but the richness of its chords and decays is more like Feldman’s late works with their extended developments of scant materials. (…)” 

for seven players
Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 0406

SEVEN - John Cage

15 similarevents – septet für Altflöte, Klarinette, Streichtrio, Klavier und große Trommel
- composed by Burkhard Schlothauer

"Its probably no surprise to learn that both compositions are played in a quiet, studied manner and that both exude a gentle and beautiful charm. There are clear links to be drawn between the New York School of thought from the 50's and the work of the Wandelweiser collective today. These two works compliment each other well, both concerned with the balance of indeterminacy and prescribed composition.(...)"

Wandelweiser Ensemble

Ensemble Q-O2
Works of Inderhees, Shim, Schlothauer, Werder
Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 0104

64 events for female voice, violin, viola and violoncello - composed by Burkhard Schlothauer

(…) Gentle chords, rough clusters, humming sounds or single string tones are separated by wide silences. (…) “

Jürg Frey, Clarinet
Works of Frey, Lucier, Schlothauer, Wolff
Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 9608

aus atem for bass clarinett - composed by Burkhard Schlothauer

Works of Dörner, Krieger, Malfatti, Poore, Schlothauer
Zeitkratzer-Ensemble, Zeitkratzer Records, ZKR 9903

tromper für Trompete,Tuba, T-Sax, Violine, Cello, Kontrabass, Akkordion, Klavier, Schlagzeug - composed by Burkhard Schlothauer

Hybrid Sound System
TOURETTE Records (Koproduktion mit SFB)

Something Lost - Töne -  Composed by Burkhard Schlothauer
Ullrich Krieger, Saxophon; Reinhold Friedl, Klavier und Tonband

Free Improvisation

Fallow Vegetation  - Acheulian Handaxe AHA 1805
Burkhard Schlothauer - 5-string electric violin, electronics
Ulrich Phillipp - live processing

Complex and at the same time transparent noise structures, flowing and abstractly rhythmic, long tender and lonely sounds - sparse landscapes. The music of the CD is „post“ in many respects - whether post-rock, post-jazz or post-New Music remains open. A touch of Miles Davis, a spark of Krautrock or Jimi Hendrix, a drop of electronic European art music.
Phillipp brings his laptop with a complex self-constructed Max/MSP-patch, Schlothauer his 5-String electric violin, effect board and loop-station. No sequence is prepared, everything is built spontaneously in the moment of playing. The space is void in the beginning. Sounds appear and are fed into the machines to take a longer or shorter journey of processing.The music on this cd is partly dense. Some parts seem to root more in rock music than in "classical" electronic music. Others feature scratches and colored noises from extended playing techniques of Improvised and New Music. "Ordinary tones” are rare. 
Release March.2019

Charles / Desmarchelier / Phillipp / Schlothauer / Yamada ‎
Nur/Nicht/Nur ‎– BERSLTON 110 03 08 

 (...) Throughout scrubbed and sanded string timbres make common cause with sharply angled flute peeps and lightly pressurized rolled tongue actions from the clarinetist. Continuously evolving in andante or allegro pulses, pauses and accelerations also mark measurers for recurrent splayed and strident guitar strokes, pedal-point-pitched bowing from the bassist and violin runs that are distanced, sometimes monotone and habitually sul ponticello. Overall the result is that of flattened microtonalism; skewed chamber inventions that skirt chiaroscuro without becoming monochrome (...)  With its unusual – for so-called classical music – instrumental grouping, the quintet is self contained as an atypical and singular chamber ensemble. This CD can be appreciated by anyone with an open mind to cerebral and provocative small group sounds.
Ken Waxman - Jazzword Reviews

Rodach / Schlothauer / Weiser
TSCR 2014 

Improvised Electric Antimodern Music, Wednesday, April 22, 2015
„(...)Based on the idea of a continous musical stream created of layers and layers of live bits, looped, overdubbed and replayed with additional layers of live improvisation, a steady evolution in sound the Jazz- , Classical and band-savvy triumvirate creates an organic flow yet reflecting the echoes of their musical heritage and - in parts - slightly paying homage to Dub techniques but usually wandering the realms between Dark Ambient, Drones and classical Ambient structures as well as touching the borders of Electronica every now and then whilst a tune like „Miles Groams“ even reminisces of Dancehall beatwise before off rhythm percussions and electric guitar improvisations break up familiar structures, steering into new, unexplored terrain and the two bonus tracks come up with a new view on the genre mostly referred to as Future Jazz. Possibly best reflected by the uberly intense, alarming „Sirene“ and the cold, alien ritual music of „Pulse-Streams“ as well as the dreamy, somnabulant Post-PostRock of the 16+ minutes spanning „I Have A Dream“ Fuzzylogics debut presents an interesting approach towards experimental music that sounds electronic but is generated live and in real time. Check.“

Musical Leader / Curator

Interpreter / Violin / Viola

Bocian Records BC-Z III

Zeitkratzer recorded live at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, September 30th, 2015.
A-side is a performance of Gilles Sivilotto’s Handmade 02, 
The other side documents their take on Frank Gratkowski’s Estuaria

Serbian War Songs
Svetlana Spajic, Dragana Tomic, Obrad Milic, Zeitkratzer
ZKR 0023 

performs songs from the albums "Kraftwerk" and "Kraftwerk 2" 
ZKR 0021

Zeitkratzer + Elliott Sharp 
Live at Berghain Berlin
ZKR 0022 

KORE - Reinhold Friedl
zkr0020 – zeitkratzer RECORDS (CD + Vinyl)

Stockhausen: Aus Den Sieben Tagen
Zeitkratzer + Keiji Haino 
Live at Jahrhunderthalle Bochum, Ruhrtriennale
zkr0019 – zeitkratzer RECORDS  

Cem Güney - five compositions 
Wandelweiser Ensemble 
Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 1505

Radu Malfatti, Composition
Wandelweiser Ensemble
B-Boim Records ‎– 026
Live Recording BBC

Grand Orchestra
Reinhold Friedl, Composition
zkr0015 – zeitkratzer RECORDS

Lou Reed - Zeitkratzer  

zkr0016 – zeitkratzer RECORDS (CD + Vinyl) 

Bocian Records (Vinyl) 

Andreas Oldörp 
Lotos (Nur/Nicht/Nur, 2008)

Kaspar T. Toeplitz* / Zeitkratzer ‎– Agitation | Stagnation
Bocian Records ‎– none

zeitkratzer plays PRES
Polish Radio Experimental Studio
BR ES03 Bolt Records

zeitkratzer [old school]
Karlheinz Stockhausen
zkr0012 – zeitkratzer RECORDS

zkr0007 – zeitkratzer RECORDS

zeitkratzer [old school]
James Tenney
zkr0010 – zeitkratzer RECORDS

zeitkratzer [old school]
Alvin Lucier
zkr0011 - zeitkratzer RECORD

zeitkratzer [old school]
John Cage
zkr0009 – zeitkratzer RECORDS

zeitkratzer [electronics]
Keiji Haino
zkr0006 – zeitkratzer RECORDS

zeitkratzer [electronics]
Carsten Nicolai
zkr0004 – zeitkratzer RECORDS

zeitkratzer [electronics]
Terre Thaemlitz
zkr0005 – zeitkratzer RECORDS

Performed Live By Zeitkratzer
Guest William Bennett ‎– Whitehouse
Karlrecords ‎– KR019

zkr0002 – zeitkratzer RECORDS

Pierrot Lunaire Cheap Imitation
zkr0001 – zeitkratzer RECORDS

zeitkratzer performing Reinhold Friedl’s hommage to Iannis Xenakis
ASP 3005 - Asphodel

Metal Metal Machine Music
zeitkratzer performing Lou Reed’s milestone, with Lou Reed
ASP 3009 - Asphodel 

Noise (Lärm) Musik von Merzbow, Dror Feiler, Z. Karkowski
Zeitkratzer Ensemble
Tourette TICK 4

Christian Wolff: Stones
Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 9604

plays Karkowski and Xenakis Alive
Bocian Records ‎– BC ZII, Musica Genera ‎– MG V5

Fresh - Zeitkratzer spielt Musik von John Duncan.
X-tract AQ 03/x-t 2005

Werke von Ott, Niblock, Friedl, Bertoncini, Krieger, Lee
Zeitkratzer Ensemble
Zeitkratzer Records, ZKR 9901 

Werke von Venitucci, Kaczynski, Collins, Richter de Vroe, Sharp, Rowe, Schwartz
Zeitkratzer Ensemble
Zeitkratzer Records, ZKR 9902

Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion K-S.H.E ‎–
Routes Not Roots - Route 3 EP
Comatonse Recordings ‎– C.013.EP3

Karkowski* • Furudate* •
Zeitkratzer ‎– World As Will III
Sub Rosa ‎– SR282

Musik Markus Schmickler
Zeitkratzer Ensemble

Zeitkratzer - Supersuperbonus - Musik von Terre Thaemlitz
Zeitkratzer Ensemble
Kirschbier Rec.

Column One

Francisco López ‎– Untitled (2005)
Anoema Recordings ‎– NOCD 030

John Cage ‎– The Works For Saxophone 3 & 4
Mode ‎– mode 222, Mode ‎– mode 223
The Complete John Cage Edition – Volume 42

Various ‎– Time Is On My Side

Nur/Nicht/Nur ‎– BERSLTON 108 02 21

Radu Malfatti ‎– Himmelgeister 19
B-Boim Records ‎– 021

E2-E4 Live von Manuel Göttsching
Zeitkratzer Ensemble & Manuel Göttsching
MG Art 303

Using Music of Schlothauer

By John Smith posted July 20, 2016

An unrhymed chord - Michael Pisaro
Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 0802

Empty Words - John Cage Part IV, Edition Wandelweiser Records, EWR 1103
abtasten, Jong-ah Yoon, Klavier

Zeitkratzer Ensemble
55 similar sounds + two drummers dumming (Remixed)
für Trompete, Tuba, T-Sax, Violine, Cello, Kontrabass, Akkordeon, 2 Schlagzeuger
X-TRACT Records

Asleep, Street, Pipes, Tones 
Michael Pisaro / Barry Chabala & Katie Porter ‎

Gravity Wave ‎– gw 004

Alva Noto ‎– For

Line ‎– LINE_026, Line ‎– 026

Jazz / Songs

Maniakisses - Schlothauer´s Maniacs
(B. Schlothauer, L. Hensel, A. Chouraqui, M. Hauser, R.Kaczinsky, C.Mello u.a.) 
Timescraper Jazz, TSCR 9801
Burkhard Schlothauer is a German violinist and composer of remarkable skill...(..)The descriptive word here is variety, as the virtuoso string player packs in a range of styles….

Chico Mello: Do Lado da Voz
ThanxGod Records  

Cabo Verde en Serenata
EFA 01934

Herbert Grönemeyer: Musik zu Georg Büchners Leonce und Lena, EMI  

Margentarot: Cornelia Becker - Erzählungen, Wolpertinger Hörbücher